The Sustainable Local Agricultural Development Programme

The Sustainable Local Development Programme supports entrepreneurship, rural tourism, agriculture and the crafts sector in the city of Loznica and Krupanj municipality.

The Sustainable Local Agriculture Development Programme invites the local community to apply for grants to support the growth and development of existing agricultural production in Loznica and Krupanj.

Who can apply for the
Sustainable Local Agriculture Development Programme?

Registered agricultural holdings in the City of Loznica and Krupanj Municipality territory are eligible to apply.

How much can I apply for?

Applicants can apply for grants of 5,000.00 and 10,000.00 euros.

Grants may be used to:

  • purchase new equipment and devices for crop and livestock production;
  • purchase new agricultural machinery;
  • purchase breeding and stud livestock;
  • purchase honey bee colonies, hives and beekeeping equipment;
  • purchase certified fruit seedlings and planting material and other perennial plants and related equipment;
  • purchase new anti-hail nets with support and shading nets;
  • purchase new plastic-covered greenhouses, greenhouses and other equipment;
  • purchase new irrigation equipment and systems;
  • purchase new or upgrade equipment to modernize processing agricultural products;
  • Purchase, construct, adapt and equip storage capacities including cold storage and capacity for processing agricultural products;
  • Purchase, construct, adapt and equip facilities for livestock production to protect the environment and meet standards related to agricultural and animal production.

What is the application and approval procedure?

  • Verification of the completeness of documentation
  • Completion of administrative and compliance procedures
  • Assessment of business model
  • Assessment of financial indicators

What are the beneficiary’s obligations?

  • The beneficiary must make a co-contribution of at least 20% of the grant value;
  • To be an active operating farm and registered in the Register of Agricultural Farms;
  • To be residing in and to have the investment made in the City of Loznica or the Krupanj Municipality;
  • To use the grant investments for the purpose intended;
  • Not transfer the property to another person for at least two years from the date the investment is made;
  • That the building or land on which the investment is made is owned or leased by the applicant, and that there are at least two (2) years remaining until the lease contract expires.
  • The Beneficiary may not start any activity related to the implementation of the approved grant before signing the contract with Rio Sava Exploration d.o.o., which will define in detail the mutual rights and obligations of the Beneficiary and the company Rio Sava Exploration d.o.o.

Priority will be given to applications that meet the following criteria:

  • applicant is under 40 years of age;
  • female-owned commercial family-run agricultural holdings;
  • Agriculture is the only source of livelihood;
  • Members of a cooperative;
  • Persons with formal education in agriculture, technology or veterinary medicine;

Other favourable attributes:

  • Number of members of the registered agricultural holding;
  • Date of first registration of the agricultural holding;
  • The amount of co-financing of the investment by the Beneficiary;
  • Certification for organic production or raw materials, or products with a geographical indication of origin;
  • Economic, environmental and social impact of the investment.

Application deadline:

19 June 2023 or until the grants have been distributed

Further information may be found at the Jadar Project Information Centres.

Jadar Project Information Centre

Gimnazijska 4

15300 Loznica


Jadar Project Information Centre

Stevana Sinđelića 9

15309 Brezjak