Products Jadar could produce

We produce materials that are essential to modern society.

Our products

Jadar would produce three products in powder form: borates, lithium carbonate and sodium sulfate.

These three products have a wide range of applications, from agriculture and digital technologies, to the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles and solar panels.

Each year, Jadar would be capable of producing ~58,000 tonnes of refined lithium carbonate of battery-grade quality, 160,000 tonnes of boric acid, and 255,000 tonnes of sodium sulphate.

Lithium carbonate

Lithium, the lightest of all metals, is a vital component for clean technologies such as electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.

The Jadar Project would produce lithium carbonate with a 99.5% purity. The scale and high-grade nature of the Jadar deposit provides the potential for a mine to supply lithium products into the electric vehicle value chain for decades, positioning Serbia as the European hub for green energy and raising the country’s importance in one of the world’s most important technological transitions.


Borates are a naturally occurring mineral which is refined and transformed into products essential to modern living. Boron is vital to plant growth, and used in fertilisers, and also in other industries such as glass manufacturing, wood protection and insulation fibreglass.

Boron is present everywhere in the environmental but substantial deposits of borates are relatively rare. In fact, ores that contain boron are among the rarest minerals on Earth.

Sodium sulfate

Sodium sulfate is used in the textile industry and in the production of powder detergents, soaps, as well as in the production of glass.