Draft Environmental Impact Assessments

Any potential future development of the Jadar Project is only possible after acquiring the necessary permits. A critical element of this process is completing, publicly sharing, and formally approving the environmental impact assessment studies (EIAs). This means that mine construction cannot begin unless the final EIAs are prepared and further approved by the relevant state institutions.

The Jadar Project has initially been designed as an industrial mining complex, including an underground mine, ore processing facilities, and an industrial waste landfill. In line with this, the EIA plan involves conducting:

  • An environmental impact assessment study for the underground mine;
  • An environmental impact assessment study for the ore processing plant;
  • An environmental impact assessment study for the industrial waste landfill.

Each of the three planned studies contain an overview of the Jadar Project's cumulative, potential environmental impacts.

Rio Sava intended to conduct these assessment studies and make them available for public review, following standard legal protocols. However, this process was interrupted due to a decision by the Republic of Serbia to revoke the Jadar Project’s permits and licenses.

Before the formal process was stopped, the company prepared initial draft EIAs studies for the underground mine and the processing plant. Throughout 2022 and 2023, studies were also undertaken to develop new waste management technologies, leading to a draft EIA Study for the dry stack waste landfill.

To assist a public dialogue on the environmental impacts of the Jadar Project, we are releasing the current EIA draft studies. These studies are based on primarily historical information and would need further updates before being formally submitted. The current drafts provide an insight into understanding the project's potential environmental impacts and the proposed mitigation actions. Releasing these draft documents is not intended to circumvent official processes. It demonstrates transparency and accountability and aims but to ensure that discussions about the Jadar Project are based in scientific evidence. Should the project progress, these preliminary drafts will be further refined and submitted through standard regulatory channels. Our goal in releasing these early draft EIAs is to engage in constructive dialogue and receive insights from all project stakeholders, thus enhancing our efforts to mitigate adverse impacts and amplify positive ones.

Draft Environmental Impact Assessments

Key information EIA Underground Mine

PDF, 757KB

Working draft of an Environmental Impact Assessment study for the underground mine (Serbian)

PDF, 289MB

Key information EIA Process Plant

PDF, 945KB

Working draft of an Environmental Impact Assessment study for the ore processing plant (Serbian)

PDF, 132MB

Key information EIA Industrial Waste Landfill

PDF, 1.02MB

Working draft of an Environmental Impact Assessment study for the industrial waste landfill (Serbian)

PDF, 152MB

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